Boat wraps

Divine Marine 3M Vinyl Boat Wraps come in many different styles. From a simple quarter wrap to a one off master piece created with your vision and are design teams expertise.


Customers are not going to find any pre-made, pick your color kits for purchase at Divine Marine. We offer 100% custom designs incorporating the unique vision, ideas, and goals of each customer. Divine Marine has proven success in seamlessly turning customer’s ideas into reality.


"Divine Marine is proud to use the best quality materials on the market such as 3M, and Avery. We do everything in house from the design to the install so we can guarantee you the best product available. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Here are some of the features that we think that you'll love.

3M Wrap Film

"We use American made 3M vinyl. Unlike the cheap Calendared film 3M vinyl does not shrink are bubble up after a few weeks.

Latex Digital Printer

"This is the latest technology in the vinyl wrap industry and uses less abrasive inks than solvent printers. Latex printers are unique in that they use multiple fans and extremely high-powered heaters to cure the ink as it is being laid down on the vinyl, resulting in prints that are 100% dry immediately after being printed. Latex printers completely eliminate the need for off-gassing which makes them ideal for the vehicle wrap industry. Moreover, since latex ink’s composition is naturally more flexible than solvent/eco-solvent ink, it’s ideal for applications requiring vinyl to conform or stretch around curves.